We have everything necessary for flying UAVs, such as airframes, flight controllers, wireless communication devices, etc.
We will customize and propose the optimum system according to your intended use.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We can develop an aircraft according to your intended use, ranging from a large multicopter with excellent wind resistance performance and stability to a small multicopter, as well as single rotor and contra-rotating helicopters.
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Transmitter & Wireless Communication Systems

We can develop transmitter and wireless devices suitable for your intended use, including industrial radio control devices or radio communication systems with for uninterruped long-distance transmission.
(Avilable for various frequency bands such as 2.4 GHz and 169 MHz.)
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Flight Support

Our staffers with the world's top level piloting skills will support your tests, aircraft evaluation or demonstration flight.
Also, we can provide piloting assistance for third party products.
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Flight Controllers &
Motion Sensors

Flight controllers and motion sensors are developed by our parent company, Tokyo Aircraft Instrument Co., Ltd., who is a Japanese leading aerospace equipment manufacturer.
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